Behind the Scenes. Ahead of Schedule.

Hay Creek Entertainment provides reliable, safe, qualified production labor to make your event hassle free.

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Hay Creek Entertainment is a production labor company you can trust. We show up on time and properly prepared to get the job done, whatever the event may be. We are professional and reliable, giving you the peace of mind and freedom to focus on the other important aspects of your event.



Safety is our top priority at Hay Creek Entertainment. Our crew is properly trained to be efficient and thorough, while never compromising the proper safety measures. You can be assured that above all, the job will get done carefully and properly.

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From corporate events to concerts and festivals…. Hay Creek Entertainment provides production labor for a wide variety of events. We have vast experience working with each other and within the entertainment industry. The knowledge and skill of our crew is reflected in the high quality work you can expect to see.